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48. Journey along the James: Paddling, Camping, and Exploring Virginia’s Iconic River with Charles Johnson, James River Association

“The James River runs 340 miles through the heart of Virginia, from the Blue Ridge all the way to the Chesapeake Bay. The river’s watershed is roughly 10,000 square miles and it supplies drinking water for 2.7 million people. It also provides opportunities to relax, adventure, and enjoy the great outdoors.” – Charles Johnson, James River Association


Rich in history and culture, the mighty James meanders over 340 miles through verdant forests, picturesque valleys, and rushing rapids from its headwaters in the Blue Ridge to the Chesapeake Bay. Flowing through the heart of Virginia, the James River offers abundant recreational activities, such as paddling, rafting, fishing, camping, and wildlife watching. Charles Johnson from the James River Association helps us navigate the ins and outs of planning the perfect paddling and camping expedition and shares valuable tips for finding the best resources for your own river adventure. So get ready to immerse yourself in the rhythmic harmony of paddles gliding through water and the majesty of eagles soaring overhead on the river that played a pivotal role in shaping Virginia’s past and continues to inspire the present. Let’s Go!


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