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57. Walk Ride Paddle: A Life Outside with Senator Tim Kaine

“Everybody has a favorite place in Virginia like a trail, a beach, a lake, or a river that’s special to them and everyone is invested in trying to make sure that it’s there for their kids and their grandkids. And that’s such a unifier. When you’re on the trail with people, you’re not talking about politics, you’re talking about the joy that you’re taking in from the surroundings and that is so powerful. That is something about Virginia and Virginians – the unifying nature of our natural beauty and how it brings people together.” – Senator Tim Kaine


Discover the “faraway nearby” of Virginia’s wild landscapes in an intimate conversation with Senator Tim Kaine, who shares his introspective journey traversing 1,200 miles of our commonwealth by foot, bike, and canoe.


His story is an invigorating blend of history, nature, and community, as well as personal challenges that have enriched his life and helped him stay grounded as a public servant.


Senator Kaine’s humorous recollections, including his trail name ‘Dog Bowl’ and his affectionately named canoe ‘Old Raggedy,’ add a lighthearted layer to his profound reflections on a life outside.


We discuss how his new book, “Walk Ride Paddle,” is a love letter to Virginia and a call for all of us to connect with nature. Let’s Go!


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