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49. Hiking Virginia’s Summits with Erin Gifford, Go Hike Virginia

“One of my favorite things about Virginia summits is I love going up there and being able to stare out, getting lost in the views. Virginia has so many beautiful views – Appalachian Mountain, Shenandoah Mountains, Blue Ridge Mountains – we’ve got them all and being able to look out at the mountains, out at the farmlands, it’s just amazing.” – Erin Gifford, Go Hike Virginia


Every hiker knows the thrill and sense of accomplishment that comes with reaching a mountain’s peak. Epic views and stunning scenery are often what motivates hikers to lace up their boots and head for the top.

Get ready to bag Virginia’s peaks with Erin Gifford of Go Hike Virginia as she shares the highlights of her latest book, “Virginia Summits: 40 Best Mountain Hikes from the Shenandoah Valley to Southwest Virginia.”

Erin’s insights are invaluable as she describes summit hikes throughout the Commonwealth, such as the 360-degree views from Bear Fence in Shenandoah National Park, the challenging terrain of Humpback Rocks on the Blue Ridge Parkway, or the distinctive High Knob Fire Tower in the George Washington National Forest.

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker looking to take on a challenge or an outdoor enthusiast scouting for a new adventure, this episode is your guide to conquering Virginia’s Summits. Let’s Go!


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