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35. Whitewater Paddling with Jen Jimenez and Berkley Nestler, James River Women

“I’ve never experienced anything in my life that gets me so connected to nature and earth. You’re feeling the way that the water is pushing you, you are going with it, you are looking for it, and it’s such an amazing feeling of connection and presence.” –Berkley Nestler, James River Women

Nicknamed “River City,” Richmond is situated on the mighty James where the hard bedrock of the Piedmont Region gives way to the sandy sediments of the Coastal Plain. This geographic feature, known as the Fall Line, drops 100 feet in 7 miles, creating rushing rapids that attract whitewater adventure seekers to the capital city. Jen Jimenez and Berkley Nestler of James River Women are on a mission to make whitewater paddling sports accessible by providing a safe community for beginners to learn and grow. Jen and Berkely describe the experience of whitewater paddling, tips on safety and gear, why Richmond is an ideal location for paddlers of any ability level, and how to get your adrenaline rush without leaving the big city. Let’s Go!

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