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47. Ocean Connections: Catching Waves and Conserving Coastlines with Drew White, Coastal Plant Ecology Lab at VCU

“I’ve taken a boogie board out in just the tiniest little waves breaking right on the shore and had a blast. I’ve taken a surfboard out in waves that were almost as tall as I was and had a blast. There’s such a variety of waves that anybody at most any skill level can have a good time in Virginia.” – Drew White, Coastal Plant Ecology Lab at VCU


Get ready to ride the waves as we explore surfing, boogie boarding, and body surfing with ocean enthusiast, Drew White, from the Coastal Plant Ecology Lab at Virginia Commonwealth University. Drew shares his insights on Virginia’s best surfing locations, wave-riding safety, and why you don’t need the biggest waves to have the biggest fun. But our adventure doesn’t end there – we’re also diving into the fascinating world of plant ecology and the importance of dunes in protecting the habitats of Virginia’s coastal ecosystem. So grab your board and score a wave. Let’s Go!


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