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38. Hiking to Heal with Jessica Chenard, Her Hike Collective

“Moving on taught me to climb mountains not because they are easy, but because they are worth it. When I summit a mountain, that is when I feel most alive. I imagine that’s how you might feel too.”  – Jessica Chenard, Her Hike Collective

Those of us who love to hike, know the benefits it brings to our lives. Hiking reduces stress and anxiety, while allowing us to clear our minds and reconnect with ourselves and nature. Jessica Chenard, Founder of the Virginia-based hiking community, Her Hike Collective, shares her journey of hiking to heal after a personal tragedy. Believing that grief demands action, she utilized the outdoors as a lifeline and found comfort and connection on the trail. Her new memoir titled, Her Hike, is Jessica’s story of coping in the Blue Ridge and was written to help others begin their own journeys summiting mountains. Jessica’s passion has created a community of hikers who are turning to the outdoors, and each other, to find healing. Let’s Go!

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