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16. Creating an Outdoor Space for Women of Color with Shara and Nicole I Founders, Black Girls Hike RVA

When you realize tomorrow is not promised, you want to experience things that are just not tangible, like having peace and love and connection. You can have that when you go outdoors. I feel like we have grown so much because of the spiritual connection that women can have when we go out on trails.” – Nicole, Black Girls Hike RVA 

The outdoors are for everyone. Shara and Nicole, two friends and educators, noticed a lack of diversity on the trails and wanted to provide opportunities for everyone to experience the outdoors. Black Girls Hike RVA is a local hiking group for women of color. Shara and Nicole’s group is rapidly growing in popularity, winning awards, and breaking boundaries, while simultaneously building community and encouraging others to find joy in nature. Let’s Go!

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