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18. BONUS EPISODE with She Opts Out

You may remember Linda and Mandi from She Opts Out who where my guests in Episode 14. After appearing on Virginia Outdoor Adventures, they invited me to be a guest on their show, which recently aired on She Opts Out Podcast. As a show host, I’m more used to asking the questions rather than answering them, but it was fun to chat with Linda and Mandi about my background, how I got into the outdoors, and how Virginia Outdoor Adventures Podcast started. I also got to talk about building an outdoor community in Virginia, completing Trail Quest by visiting every Virginia State Park, and some of my most memorable hikes. Also included in our discussion – solo hiking and solo adventuring, outdoor safety, my gear, four-season hiking, one of my personal fears (which is probably not what you would expect), and my advice for beginner adventurers.

Without further ado, here is my first guest appearance on She Opts Out Podcast. Let’s Go!

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